Brandi is one of the most famous restaurants in Italy , in fact, right here in 800 is born the pizza Margherita : a tribute to the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy , on a visit to Naples , " coined " a pizza whose colors recalled those of national flag , thanks to the green basil , white mozzarella and red tomatoes. Since then Brandi has retained all the charm of the Neapolitan cuisine in an intimate restaurant and cozy , elegant and warm decor .


In the heart of Naples "good" pizzeria welcomes guests with a look traditionalist. In fact, in the best tradition of the Neapolitan historical tables are marble and the paper is covered with a print that mimics the sweeping views of the Gulf of Naples .. The restaurant is beloved and there are many Neapolitans who attend, many of whom have "elected" among their haunts and preferential riferimento.Non's no wonder, then, that - especially on a Saturday night-the room is adorned by a long line of people waiting their turn to sit. In Ristrorante everything has the taste, smell and color of Naples.


The real and the best pizza you can eat at Naples, in an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility while enjoying delicious appetizers typical Neapolitan, accompanied by a good beer.


Our story begins in 1916, when Ermelinda and Umberto Di Porzio founded a small restaurant, tavern known as the "Don Umberto". The menu is always rich and varied, articulated in a section with the typical dishes of the Neapolitan tradition, a section for seasonal dishes recommended by us, and a section of the Neapolitan pizzas, and the atmosphere exquisitely family have become since then the characteristic of "Umberto" ; offer tasting menus at cultural events and traditional with a review eno-gastronomy Naples. We have a section of the restaurant dedicated to exhibitions of artists neapolitan and not organized every two months with the help of the cultural Eughea, and organize courses and tastings of wine and food in collaboration with the most important associations.


We are close to the popular and populous district of Forcella, where in the first half 'of the 900 had great success with the Trianon theater magazines vaudeville. The pizza was just as famous since then, the tip to survive the closing of the theater. Here you will find the ancient tradition Neapolitan pizza, in a large room on three levels, with typical marble tables and trompe l'oeil on the walls. You can order from a wide variety 'of proposals and sizes of pizza, served by prompt and courteous.


In the heart of the historical center, the pizzeria Da Michele and 'a piece of history that still retains all the charm of the Neapolitan tradition. The local ' intimate and rustic, two smaller rooms where you will find tables and chairs, to troneggiare, the wood-burning oven, as usual wants. A poetry illustrates the input the philosophy that for generations the local port forward: here they only serve pizza Margherita and the Marinara, in strict compliance "philological" of the tradition, probably the best. The sumptuous furnishings and unbridled creativity sometimes not needed.


Our pizza was born after that, Ernesto Cacialli, professional and a true Neapolitan pizza, which is defined by the newspapers "star in the firmament of the Neapolitan cuisine ", in the days of the G7 1994" dragged "the armored Clinton in his pizzeria in the middle of a walk. A history that rooted much more there over the years: Ernesto is pizza since he was 7 years old. Food critics have called and articles address books, restaurant guides mention it in the Olympus of pizza.


We are in the middle decumano, ancient way of Greek origin, known for its monuments, historic buildings of the ancient noble families and pizzerias. The family Sorbillo handed down from father to son the secrets to grow pasta and pizzas to select the best ingredients. But do not think that it is a closed world, turned in on itself, because here you can accompany your favorite pizza with the classic original German beer, imported exclusively for loyal customers.


We are in the middle decumano, ancient way of Greek origin, known for its monuments, historic buildings of the ancient noble families and pizzerias. Di Matteo and 'one of the most' known thanks to the excellent quality 'of the pizzas, which can be ordered in various sizes (the most' big 'the "wagon wheel" to challenge the appetites more' hungry), frying typical, low cost, and the visit of the U.S. president Clinton, who escaped 'to the control of the escort to devour the characteristic daisy takeaway, you eat standing rigidly folded into 4 "wallet", as they say in these parts.

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